Start Vaping Instead of Smoking for Potentially Improved Health.

Good health isn't just about the things we eat and drink, many of us have been smoking for years and vaping could improve health from the moment you start!

Medical establishments are slowly starting to admit that vaping instead of smoking tobacco could carry some serious health benefits - with the UK NHS reporting that it could be upto 95 times healthier than smoking traditional cigarettes.  How this figure is actually acheived is under debate - there are many factors involved as one might imagine - but overall - general consensus is that to vape is better than smoking.  A huge range of vaping products are available on the market, and here at LWIPRO we have taken a look at a large number of them and have come to the conclusion that - sadly - there is disparity when it comes to vape stick and vape liquid quality.

Much of the vaping hardware comes from China and is, as one would expect, rubbish in general.  Not only this, but various countries have different mechanisms in place to ensure safety and quality of the liquids which are evaporated and inhaled by the smoker.  It would be fair to say that there will be outlets in China who simply do not adhere to EU or US policies on the ingredients of the products.

For safety reasons we suggest that you purchase your e-liquid as it is known, from the country in which you reside AND make sure that it is manufactured to the strict regulations put in place to protect the market.

Back onto the hardware
(Kingo make nice vape pens like these), these are basically a battery which is available in various powers, and also screwed onto the top of the battery is the atomizer and tank.  When a button is pressed on the battery, current is passed through to the atomizer coil which heats up and converts the liquid into vapour which can be inhaled.  If you are replacing the smoking habit with vaping, you can get flavoured juice which has a nicotine content to keep those cravings at bay.  As you gradually reduce your intake, try switching to a nicotine free variation and simply enjoy the flavour.

Start Vaping and Stop Smoking.

(You can vape instead of smoking - kits start as little as 30.)

Watch out in the EU as trouble is on the vaping horizon as the corporations get their snouts in and government start to lose tax income from people stopping smoking.  Governments are trying to label vaping as a potentially helpful medicine, at which point if they succeed, they will be able to add tax to it - pushing up the price exponentially.  There are now groups forming aiming to lobby politicians to get them to keep their noses out and stop hitting the public with ridiculous taxes.  Isn't it about time our foolish leaders stopped thinking they can operate an economy on the back of nicotine tax?

We think that vaping could improve your health, it may not of course, but it would seem a healthy option, so if you start vaping with a goal of quitting the evil weed, then there are plenty of options to choose from in terms of both kits and juices.  Hopefully, larger factories with established reputations will start to take over the production of the pens themselves - pushing out the low grade makers who are just out to make a few quid then run onto the next big thing, this will improve quality and longevity of the gear you buy.  It is also quite likely that you will favour the vape stick you start with in the long term, so its worth looking out for items which will stay around as eventually you will need new batteries, chargers and other components as they do wear out after a couple of months.

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