How to De-Stress Whilst Driving.

Driving a car used to be a pleasure.  These days, more often that not, it is a complete and total bind and a real pain - something many of us would avoid if we had half a chance.  Gone are the days when you could put down the hood of your convertible and cruise along the roads in the sunshine listening to your music of choice on your way to the office.  You are more likely to hear the sounds of angry horn hooters and frustrated motorists shouting obscene insults at their fellow road users - not realising that we are all in the same boat and suffer exactly the same problems.

This is one of the issues with drivers, and it's an important one aswell, because knowing that every road user is suffering the traffic jammed roads and clogged up side streets in the same way, helps to overcome the stress that the situation brings about.

Let's explain.

You are sat there and some fool behind you starts beeping his horn.  You can't move because you are blocked by the car in front.  Who's the stressed one?  Think about the fact that all three vehicles are in exactly the same problematic position - yet only one driver is beeping on the horn and yelling.  So - once you realise that the monkey behind you is the one who's all stressed out and wound up, its easy to sit back and enjoy the flapping and flailing of the lesser minded creature at your leisure.  Afterall, nobody is going anywhere - so you may as well enjoy the show!

This technique really does work aswell, at its core is the psychological reasoning behind the actual identification of the "scene".  Nothing is false about your perception of the situation - the only thing which often goes wrong for many people, which causes them stress, is that they somehow feel that they are involved with the angry individual.  This is wrong.  Just imagine - what on earth do you have to do with the sorry slob behind you - NOTHING.  They are the one with the problem - and YOU are the one enjoying their idiocy.

It can take a bit of practice to get the hang of having a good laugh at these people, but once you're there, sitting in a traffic gridlock will never be a bad thing again.  Simply turn your music up (or don't, if you want to listen to the cretin) sit back and relax - know deep down that you are not getting there in a hurry and all the crying in the world from the person behind you isn't going to change that fact.

Another great way to raise your spirits in the face of an ignorant and aggressive driver is to film them with a video camera.  Otherwise called a "dash cam" these are a popular little device which you can fit to your front window and back window.  As soon as you start the car, the cameras start recording through the windows, when you stop the engine, the cameras turn off.

Knowing that you are safer because you have a video of anything which you could see as a threat and present to the authorities is more than relaxing, it goes beyond de-stressing - IT ACTUALLY MAKES YOU LAUGH INSIDE!!  You don't need to spend a fortune on a video camera, even a budget HD version is good enough to pick up details such as faces, number plates and actions.

Follow our tips above and who knows - your driving experience on the way to the office may just turn into something you look forward to once more!!!!

Driving isn't what it used to be.

Learn how to de-stress whilst you are out on the road.

Put a camera in your window

(Above - a typical camera for your car)

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