Keep a healthy relaxed mind with the adult colouring book hobby.

Stress is a major player in these times of austerity where money can be tight and work hard to come by.  Leading medical researchers are often quoted citing that stress is a major component which contributes to heart attacks, and we know that people can spend literally years of their lives feeling a sense of dread in their chest when they merely think about the stresses of work, kids and paying off bills to name but a few.  With so much against us these days, we must spend more of our free time searching out ways to be calmer and more relaxed, so that when we do return to work, we have had time to re-couperate our mental health - in very much the same way as we need our bodies to heal themselves after putting them through strenuous excersize, our minds need a break too.

Sleeping is the most obvious ways we can relax our minds - but even this can be hard to come by if we are not relaxed before we go to bed at night.  Winding down itself has become a task to be reckoned with, as the information overload kicks into play of an evening infront of the TV, mobile phone, tablet and newspapers.

So how can we just "wind down"?

Well hundreds of thousands of people around the world are currently seeking solace in the latest mind numbing (or relaxing) activity of colouring in complicated pictures.  An explosion of books filled with dreamy outlines or complex patterns has hit the market in a huge way this year, many are created by relatively famous artists, skilled in drawing and creating "worlds apart" as opposed to the kind of art we see in the local gallery.  We don't want to add to your outgoings here, we are all suffering from the stress of having very little expendable cash at the end of the month - so
this site has quite a lot of free designs to colour in. Trying adult colouring (as it is known) for yourself by using the free resources is a good way of getting to see whether or not you can de-stress before you take the plunge and go head on into this method of relaxation and spend hard earned money on the plethora of books, crayons, pencils and ink pens available to those who would deem themselves as true hobbyists.

Many people claim to find that the activity breaks up the day into more managable chunks and calms the mind as the concentration required in order to complete a pattern is quite substantial.  The reward is seen as two fold. 

a) Upon completion you can be pleased with the outcome and even create a wall hanging.
b) You will feel relaxed and wound down ready for a good nights sleep - maybe even tired as a result of all the effort.

Before you say to yourself that colouring is for kids - take a look at a typical design example which fairly accurately represents what we are dealing with here.  There is nothing simple or amateur about colouring in this level of detail, and bear in mind that the options for shading are limited only by your own imagination.

If you are happy with the hobby and you find it relieves stress - then search the internet for books such as "the secret garden", "mandala", "adult colouring designs" - these are typical of the titles you will find - with the first one referencing the garden being nothing short of a best seller!

(Above - a complicated colouring page)

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